Get The Right Solution To Suit Your Needs

There are various ways in which Online Training Solutions can assist you in building an online training environment and you can select from the options below:

Just some points to keep in mind  when developing an online training environment:

  1. Web hosting or online presence. How big must the server be.
  2. Training material with quiz and assessments. Does this include Videos or System simulation training.
  3. Understanding of how an LMS works.
  4. How do learners access the content.
  5. Is the material only accessible to internal employees only or is there payment involved to gain access.
  6. How are the learners managed.
  7. How many will be accessing the material at the same time.

You select the option that suits you best.

  1. We train you and you do it all.
  2. We create the site and host for you.
  3. We create the site, host it and load the training material for you.
  4. We create the site, host it, develop the training material and load it for you.
  5. We create the site, host it, develop the training material, load it and manage the learner for you.