Benefits of using an LMS

The Benefits are: An environment where all training can be placed and monitored. Consistent training delivery method across all learners. Self-study, Self-paced and or Collaborative Courses. Messaging between learners promotes learning and collaboration on related subjects. Can be integrated into HR systems to manage learners and enrolments in corporate environments for effective management reporting.

Cost Effectiveness of an LMS

Cost Effectiveness

Improved retention. Personalised learning. On-going access to resources. Decreased material costs. Knowledge management. Encourage knowledge sharing. Sharing knowledge with others is the foundation on which a learning community is based. Increased productivity. Standardisation in training delivery. Online courses can be combined with facilitated sessions thus reducing days required to attend classroom training. Real-time access.

Webhosting for Online Training

Web hosting

Website hosting. We will assist you with your webhosting and in setting up your own website to host training material.¬† We will support you in building the website and loading your training material. We can develop, manage and maintain the website for you if you feel that you don’t have the required skills. You choose…

Why Use Onlinge Training

Why Use an LMS

The challenge for any Human Resources department is to ensure that all staff retain as much information as possible after a training intervention. With an LMS the learner is able to revisit the training material as often as they like. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve hypothesis the decline of memory retention in time. A related concept…

Course Management

Course Management

Course can be managed in various ways and the most common options are: Grading can be changed depending on the topic. Duration of quiz or course can be set. Course open and end date can be defined. Can be set to display questions randomly as well as possible answers. Number of attempts and delays between…

The Bottom Line of Online Training

The Bottom Line

E-Learning saves you money E-Learning saves you time With traditional classroom training, your employees need to miss hours of work. E-Learning builds company loyalty and enthusiasm and carries over to the company clients because of the knowledge of staff. New staff members can be upskilled more quickly and thus become productive sooner. Training is standardised…

Course Content

Course Content

The modular architecture of the LMS allows for a very easy way of adding content. Like PDF, Word, Excel, Videos, MP3. Links to other online systems like YouTube, Vimo, and more. Do Assessments in the form of quizzes with immediate feedback to learner or Assignments which then are graded and marked by an assessor. Load…

Accessibility, Availability, Convenience

Accessibility, Availability, Convenience

A cloud based LMS (Learner Management System) makes it possible for the learners to access and study material at their own pace and time on virtually any mobile device. Learners no longer have to sit in the classroom or office. The more convenient you make it the easier the student will learn. Students become more…