Benefits of using an LMS

The Benefits are: An environment where all training can be placed and monitored. Consistent training delivery method across all learners. Self-study, Self-paced and or Collaborative Courses. Messaging between learners promotes learning and collaboration on related subjects. Can be integrated into HR systems to manage learners and enrolments in corporate environments for effective management reporting.

Webhosting for Online Training

Web hosting

Website hosting. We will assist you with your webhosting and in setting up your own website to host training material.  We will support you in building the website and loading your training material. We can develop, manage and maintain the website for you if you feel that you don’t have the required skills. You choose…

Course Management

Course Management

Course can be managed in various ways and the most common options are: Grading can be changed depending on the topic. Duration of quiz or course can be set. Course open and end date can be defined. Can be set to display questions randomly as well as possible answers. Number of attempts and delays between…