There are many types of courses that can be developed for online training. Listed below are only some examples:

  • Many corporate companies have Induction courses. What are the company values, policies and structure.
  • Product knowledge: What are the features of a television, bed, car or water pump.
  • How to sell to customers or corporates.
  • Systems training: How to use a specific system. Eg: How to capture a General Ledger transaction in SAP. (Simulation based).
  • Behavioral training: Negotiation skills, Presentation skills, Interviewing skills and more.
  • Technical training: How to Service a Car or Build a Solar System.
  • Computer Training: Do’s and don’ts on the Internet, how to replace the Hard Disk in a laptop.
  • Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Working with leather, How to become a Ham Radio operator.

The list is endless. Contact us for more information.