To determine the costs we need to have a chat and get a better understanding of what the full requirements are. If you are like me, I would like to know where to start with my budgeting. Below is a basic break down and starting plan. It does not, in any way, mean that there is no room for discussions.

  • Setup and configure online training system¬†can take between 24 and 40 hours depending on complexity. This can vary from R8,400.00 to R14,000.00. The norm is under R10,000.00. This is a once off charge and includes all upgrades for the whole year.
  • The minimum monthly cost for hosting the online training and managing the web services are R2,800.00. This includes 4 hour support for the month and 20 students as per line 3¬†below.
  • Cost per learner per course is R120.00 depending on volumes. (The first 20 is included in the monthly fee). The more learners you have the cheaper it becomes. This is not a monthly charge but a charge per learner per course, no matter how long they take to do the course.
  • Additional Support R350.00 per hour.
  • Material development from R350.00 – R750.00 per hour, depending on complexity and duration.

Everything is negotiable, so please contact us for more information.